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everytime your phone lets you down.

Isn't it time we had a decent, reliable mobile phone signal?

What is the NO Bars Mobile Phone Signal Campaign?

We've all lost our mobile phone signal at some point.

It's frustrating!

Perhaps you were trying to make a call or use mobile date? But what does this mean for you?

Read on to find out how YOU can help make mobile signals better in the UK.

Syed Kamall MEP trying to get a mobile phone signal in Kingston U Thames

Our message: End poor signal strength

The NoBars campaign aims to significantly improve YOUR mobile phone signal.

The UK is one of the most advanced countries in the world. We are a hub for innovation, major finance, business and communications. Astonishingly, there are still areas in our major cities and across the countryside where it's impossible to make a simple mobile phone call or use mobile data.

The NoBars campaign is collecting information on the impact of poor service on people's live, in order to campaign for improvements.

Syed Kamall, MEP for London, will be using his position as London's representative in the European Parliament, to get the telephone companies and legislators to take action.

If you are fed up with the poor mobile phone signal strength you get in our city then bookmark this page and then report back everytime you have a problem with your phone.

We've had enough of promises, we need action!

Syed Kamall MEP for London

Latest Campaign Headlines

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// 5G cant solve everything! #nosingalequalsnosignal click to see more
// Partners being recruited for the NoBars Campaign click to see more
// National NoBarsCampaign launch click to see more
// 2015 is the full launch of the NoBars Campaign click to see more
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// A new website click to see more

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Your mobile signal stories

Another super important phone call missed.23rd Nov
Trying to call someone really urgently and instead London's blackspot issue yet again rears its head.
Don't you hate it when that text never sends!23rd Nov
Trying to send a text and again its the same old story!
Pure annoyance>urgency 23rd Nov
I tried to call a friend. Even when its not too important its still extremely annoying! London needs change!
"Glorious" London's signal problems continue 19th Nov
Simpy taking a call! Couldn't get any signal at an important moment, this just cannot continue! We need to make a change asap.
Important phone calls matter right? 17th Nov
I was waiting for very important phone call and instead a few hours later I received message that someone tried to call me. Unacceptable.

What were you trying to do? Last updated : 12:16am 18th Jan

What is the No Bars mobile phone campaign about?

What is this campaign about?

The NOBARS campaign exposes those areas where mobile phone signal strength (both call and data) need to be improved. It is a campaign built on data provided by YOU, this countries frustrated mobile phone users.

You can find the results on this page and on our Twitter and Facebook campaign feeds. All you have to do is log the location you last had poor signal strength and then tell us what impact that had on you.

Why this campaign matters?

Ask yourself what you were doing last time you tried to use your mobile phone and the signal let you down?

Were you trying to contact a family member, or was it a crucial work call? Were you trying to make a call or were you trying to use the internet on your phone? Perhaps you were trying to text a friend?

When it comes to business, Europe's digital economy is growing seven times faster than the rest of the economy combined. So, how can we hope to compete if you can't get a phone signal?

It's problems like these which made us want to launch the No Bars Mobile Signal Campaign.

The new EU Commission is pushing for significant increases in investment in communications networks but where are the results? If the legislators are struggling to make changes then it's time the mobile phone users of this country, told the network service providers, the mobile regulators and the government what we want.

Whatever you use your mobile phone for, this campaign is all about getting seamless access to your network.

Why is Syed Kamall MEP championing this campaign?

As a Member of the European Parliament for London and the leader of the third largest group at the European Parliament, Syed is used to talking to people at all levels of London life who are let down by their phones. Frustrated by his own experiences and aware of how many people also are being let down, he decided to launch the NoBarsCampaign.
To find out more about Syed Kamall and the No Bars Mobile Phone Signal Campaign click here Find out more

Latest Campaign News in Full:

20th Nov 2015
5G cant solve everything! #nosingalequalsnosignal

Syed `It's all well and good talking about 4G and 5G but we need to ensure we are also covering basics.
No signal is no signal whether 5/4/3/2G`
‪#‎innovation‬ ‪#‎nobarscampaign‬
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23rd Oct 2015
Partners being recruited for the NoBars Campaign

Would you like to partner with the NoBars Campaign? Are you fed up of poor mobile phone signals in your area?

Find out how you can get involved by watching this short video.

6th Oct 2015
National NoBarsCampaign launch

What a great national launch for the NoBarsCampaign!

The NoBarsCampaign is about creating an atmosphere where poor mobile signals (both phone and data) are unacceptable. There are solutions to these problems but they are not happening fast enough to keep up with our 21st century city and country.

This campaign will send a message to everyone involved, whether it is local officials, mobile phone companies or regulators, that the current situation is unacceptable.
A special thank you to James Berry MP and James Cleverly MP, as well Paul Morris (Vodafone) for joining the panel. Also, thank you to EE for kicking off a dialogue with me at the Party Conference.

Whether you want to call a friend or do business, we must do better when it comes to mobile phone coverage.

Make sure you bookmark this site in your phone and on your computer so you can report problems everytime you experience them.

More details soon.

1st Oct 2015
2015 is the full launch of the NoBars Campaign

A big thank you to everyone who has provided feedback to the NoBarsCampaign since we soft launched last year.

At 5.45pm on 6th October 2015 we go live with the big push!

The launch event is taking place at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester and if you are lucky enough to be there and passionate about this problem, then why not join us.

Syed Kamall, MEP for London, will be chairing the event and telling people about the campaign but we`ll also be joined by Kingston and Surbiton MP, James Berry and Braintree MP, James Cleverly. We will also have a representative from Vodafone there too.

We hope you will be able to join us but if not, don`t worry, we`ll have plenty of updates on Syed's social media feeds.

For more information about the launch event check your Party Conference brochure on page 79.

10th Apr 2015
New Story Map

So what impact did a lack of mobile phone coverage have on you? Who were you trying to call? What did not getting through to them mean? You might have been trying to send a text message too or even use the internet. Perhaps you needed to see a website online to check something.

When our mobile phone signals drop it means a loss on connection but what impact does that have on your life.

Click the 'Your Problems Map' button now, under the main map and tell us and we`ll pass on your experience to the phone companies.

7th Apr 2015
A new website

We're really excited about our new website.

We will not only be capturing where you lose your signal but also the stories of what it means to have no signal.

So, what does it mean to you when you lose your signal?

What impact does it have on your life when your mobile phone fails to do what it should?

5th Dec 2014
T-Mobile says 'prove you lost your signal'

Mobile phone customers now have to prove their handset loses signal at least 7 times every single day if they want to claim compensation, according to the Telegraph.

The newspaper has slammed the operators today, saying the terms and conditions are very complex if people want to claim compensation.

They raise the question as to how fair it really is when the companies have already locked people into (in many cases) two-year long contracts.

The situation is said to be worse with with Vodafone who reportedly refuse to offer compensation unless you can prove you have had no signal at all for three consecutive days.
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