No Bars Campaign Time:

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Syed Kamall MEP trying to get a mobile phone signal in Kingston U Thames

Syed Kamall MEP and the No Bars Mobile Phone Campaign

Why did Syed Kamall MEP launch the No Bars Mobile Phone campaign?

Syed Kamall is no different to anyone else. He is fed up of the fact that he can`t get a decent mobile phone signal.

Syed travels a lot and so gets to experience first hand how bad signal strength can be in his home city of London and across the UK, and Europe.

What he can`t understand is why in a modern technologically advanced country like Britain, many of us still can`t get a decent phone signal at Clapham Junction, the busiest railway station in Britain!

Syed said he could write to the mobile operators and tell them to improve their service but as he says, what would they do? They could simply reply saying, `we are improving things`.

Syed wanted real people to be heard in this campaign and for the operators and the authorities to see for themselves the impact of poor signal strength on our lives.

You could be a business person trying to make that vital sales call or you could be just trying to call your mum.

Who is Syed Kamall MEP?

Syed Kamall MEP is an MEP for London and also the leader of the ECR Group at the European Parliament, the third largest group at the European Parliament.

What will Syed Kamall do with the results

If we can help Syed gather the information he needs (your mobile signal strength levels and your stories of how that impacts you) then he can take that to the highest level of politics and to the mobile phone operators to put enourmous pressure on them to make some changes.

Where can I find out more about Syed Kamall?

Just click on this link


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