No Bars Campaign Time:

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Can you get a signal when you need it?

What is the No Bars Mobile Signal Strength Campaign all about

Do you have ever lose the signal on your mobile phone? Are there times when you relied on your mobile and the signal strength let you down?

It seems amazing in modern Britain that despite mobiles phones being around for decades, we still can`t get a reliable signal.

There have been various calls for action and even campaigns but still nothing seems to be happening. We're promised investment in the mobile signal mast infrastructure but where is it?

One idea was that mobile operators should share masts, like banks share cash machines so that you would immediatly get a much better signal. But, they didn`t like that idea.

So what can we do if all sorts of people have already demanded action but with little success?

Why we need the No Bars Campaign

Well, we can present as much data as we like to the mobile phone operators. This year alone there have been several studies but the problem is figures alone don`t tell the whole story.

A few numbers on a bit of paper can be easily ignored but what if that person was a lost child or a young women caught in an unfamiliar part of town, late at night?

We're not being melodramatic here. One of the first messages we got at the campaign HQ was about a woman, out late, who couldn`t find a cab and didn`t know where she was.

When you add these stories to the mix, statistics suddenly starts to make a lot more sense.

By combining your data, on where you lost a signal, with what that means to you, we can present possibly the most powerful and effective campaign against the problem ever.

What do you need to do?

It's simple.

Click the button on this page to tell us where you last lost your mobile phone signal and what that meant for you.


Bookmark this website and come back everytime you have a problem with your phone.

Just a few seconds of your time, could transform the situation in this country and make signal strength less of a problem for everyone.


Promoted by Rachel Stone on behalf of Syed Kamall, MEP for London, all at 83 Kingspark Business Centre, 152 - 178 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3ST