No Bars Campaign Time:

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Your mobile phone signal stories

Another super important phone call missed.
Trying to call someone really urgently and instead London's blackspot issue yet again rears its head.
Don't you hate it when that text never sends!
Trying to send a text and again its the same old story!
Pure annoyance>urgency
I tried to call a friend. Even when its not too important its still extremely annoying! London needs change!
"Glorious" London's signal problems continue
Simpy taking a call! Couldn't get any signal at an important moment, this just cannot continue! We need to make a change asap.

Thanks to Gloria
Important phone calls matter right?
I was waiting for very important phone call and instead a few hours later I received message that someone tried to call me. Unacceptable.
No signal in your own house?
No signal at all inside my house! I tried to make a phone call but this proved unsuccessful. Completely unacceptable!
When you cant even catch up with the misssus..
Tried to call my Wife. Sadly, there was no signal and was unable to call her. Luckily it wasn't an exceptionally important business phone call!
When you cant even catch up with the misssus volume 2..
Tried to call my wife. Ended up giving it up after having absolutely no signal!
Feels horrible when you cant watch your favourite shows right?
Tried to watch Iplayer. Unable to because of London's ridiculously bad level of signal!

Thanks to Jeny
Just trying to send a text
Trying to send a text from my home
No service is good enough.
I can never get a proper signal in Gilders Road Chessington, KT9 2EB more often than not the call actually fails and I continually have 1 bar, its ridiculous, I have tried other carriers but it seems the same

Thanks to Jane
Zero signal
There is absolutely no signal in Ferry Road, Thames Ditton. I regularly visit my partner at home in Ferry Road and use my phone in my professional practice (mental health practitioner). I am completely out of contact while I am here. Unacceptable

Thanks to David
A simple call
Call my partner

Thanks to Peter
Vodafone letting me down
Have called Vodafone numerous times over a year with no fix in sight

Thanks to Aslim
Work catch ups a thing of the past
Trying to call and get info on business material.. instead London's terrible signal put me behind my busy schedule. Unacceptable!
Urgent call
We were trying to make an urgent call
Where am I?
Find a bus stop

Thanks to Elizabeth
Unable to do my banking
Access on-line banking on Kensington High Street - No data services available
Plans foiled due to London's signal problem..
Sent text asking when and where to meet.. wouldn't send and now my evenings spoilt.
Damaging my reputation
Seek information about a visit to a client before I respond to a client query. Delay in responding = poor customer service!

Thanks to Ruth


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